Conservatives react to ‘fake news’ story

Conservatives are slamming the “fake news” claim that former Vice President Joe Biden fabricated a viral tweet saying he had received $25 million in federal stimulus money.In a statement Friday, the Conservative Political Action Conference condemned “false and misleading statements about the Vice President’s role in the stimulus program and other financial assistance programs.”The statement […]

Which countries have the most computer education and knowledge in the world?

Computer education and computing are rapidly becoming the most popular subjects in the classroom.According to the World Wide Web Association, more than 100 million children are currently using the Internet in schools around the world.And, in the last year, the number of countries with a computer science and math education is rising fast.While the world […]

When Will I Get a Computer Degree? Aks Computer Education video

Posted September 28, 2018 07:22:20Computer-related degrees have always been the domain of the elite.They are prized in academia, in corporate America, and at home.But now, as a whole, computer science and engineering have begun to attract more mainstream audiences, with the introduction of computer-related education as an entry point for many high-tech workers.The popularity of […]

How to get more out of your school computer?

By using your computer you can make it easier to learn, and this guide shows you how to make the most of it.The world is divided into several categories of computer, and you’ll find the majority of the world’s computers have some form of web browser or mobile application.However, there are also a number of […]