How to make free computer school lessons more fun

Posted April 10, 2018 07:14:31 Free computer lessons are becoming more popular and can be an effective way to help you learn computer science, computer engineering or programming.There are a variety of free computer classes online, and they are always being offered by organizations such as the Computer Science Association of Canada, the American Association […]

How to make a PDF for your free computer science education

by Aditya GhoshAn interactive computer animation for a class of computer science students has been developed by a Hyderabad-based startup.The student, who has not been named, asked for help to make the animation on the app Adityan Bhatkal.The app, called Free Computer Animation, allows users to create and export animated animations on their smartphones.Users upload […]

How to be an IT pro with free computer classes

The following is a guide to how to get started in the computer industry.A list of free online computer classes for all levels is available at you’re not sure how to start a new career in computer science, visit for more information.If, like many of us, you have struggled with learning computer skills […]