Indian government offers $30,000 scholarship for computer science graduates

A state-run program offering a $30 000 scholarship to students in the field of computer science has been launched by the Indian government.Indian IT and IT-related companies such as Infosys and Cognizant have been awarded contracts to provide computer systems for schools in India, where the government has been promoting digital literacy among its students.The […]

How to Get Your Students to Use the Internet in Class

Students who spend most of their time online have been shown to be more likely to be academically deficient, according to a new study by University of Illinois at Chicago researchers.The findings show that students who are exposed to computerized learning systems like e-learning and video conferencing while in school are more likely than those […]

A computer education course at Llywelyn University

Computer education courses at Lleywelyn university are offering computer science degrees that can be used by teachers across Wales.Computer science is a major part of learning in many schools and it is an area where we need to be thinking about, says Llywys associate professor of computing John Davies.Computer science is the science of computing.It […]

How to Use My Computer Without Getting Into a Cyber War

What you need to know about:What to do when a computer or network gets hijackedThe risks of using computers on a wireless networkWhat you should know about the latest cybersecurity legislationYou can’t get a computer without an internet connectionWhat to know when you have a computer that isn’t secureWhat you need when you buy a […]

Why a Computer Education Degree Can Save You Thousands of Dollars, but Not Your Health

In a recent article, The New York Times reported that computer training courses have been “replete with the sort of jargon, jargon, and jargon that the country is becoming accustomed to”.The article also revealed that a recent study had found that students who took computer training programs had higher rates of absenteeism and poor academic […]

Computer Science, Accel, Computer Engineering graduates can get a degree in Computer Science from the University of Queensland

Computer Science and Accel degrees are a rare combination in Australia.The computer engineering and computer science fields are only available through the tertiary level and are not available in some areas of the country, such as the Northern Territory.But the University at Brisbane is one of the few Australian universities that has the technology to […]

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