How to Get an Alpha Computer Education Job

How to get an Alpha computer education job article Alpha Computer Educators (ACE) are computer science graduates who work in the computer science field.They teach undergraduate courses at colleges, universities, and schools.ACEs are usually college students who want to learn about computers and how to use them for education and business.The ACEs work with organizations […]

When the Internet is more than just a link: The new internet of people

It’s hard to know what to make of a place like Reddit, a place where millions of people can post images and videos, and where a user’s personal information is posted for everyone to see.But the Internet has long been a place that many in Silicon Valley have tried to monetize.And Reddit’s rise has been […]

‘Lakshyas’ computer education program helps students from rural areas get higher education

Kerala government is offering free computer education for children of remote rural areas.The education program, called Laksha, has been launched by the state government.In its first year, more than 10 lakh children in remote villages have been given the opportunity to attend classes.Read full storyLaksha is a collaboration between the state Education Ministry and the […]

Obama Administration: ‘All students should be able to learn’

A White House official said Friday that all students should “be able to participate in and contribute to the online classroom environment,” including online learning.“All students, whether they are in high school, college or university, should be free to use the online educational resources provided by the Office of the National Coordinator for Digital Learning,” […]