Canadian students are having a hard time with learning to use an abc TV

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When the Computer Revolution is over, it will be the wrong job

The Internet of Things is changing the way people interact with their computers.And, if the tech industry keeps up its recent trend, that will mean people will soon be working from their mobile devices.In the coming decades, we will see a surge in the use of smartphones and tablets in office environments.The next phase of […]

BSNL, Videocon and BharatNet to merge

BSNG, Videocom and BharataNet are merging their businesses, joining forces to offer a more efficient, cheaper, and faster Internet connection for all Indians.The merger of Videocon, Bharat Net, BSN L, and BharatiNet, which is also known as Videocon L and Videocon B, will give all Indian households access to the Internet by 2022.The new company […]

Digicom Computer Education program opens in Egypt

Digicam, the company behind the widely popular Digicame mobile device, has opened an online education course in Egypt.The program, which is offered through the online course provider Udemy, offers online learning for students in Egypt and around the world.Digicam’s CEO, Eman Abdel Rahman, said the new online course is aimed at helping Egypt prepare for […]

What you need to know about abcyas educational computer

ABB has released an educational computer which it claims will be the world’s most affordable educational computer.The company, which also manufactures the Avanti, has already introduced the first commercial edition of the computer at the 2017 Mobile World Congress.The computer, called the ABB Abcya, costs $199.99, a savings of around 20 per cent.It has 16GB […]

How to make a PDF for your free computer science education

by Aditya GhoshAn interactive computer animation for a class of computer science students has been developed by a Hyderabad-based startup.The student, who has not been named, asked for help to make the animation on the app Adityan Bhatkal.The app, called Free Computer Animation, allows users to create and export animated animations on their smartphones.Users upload […]

Why you should care about the astrocomputer in 2018

Computer science is the latest science-fiction fad to have a major impact on how we think about computers.The trend has become so prevalent that many of the biggest companies in the world are moving to make use of this increasingly sophisticated and versatile technology.In the process, they are taking advantage of a new and powerful […]