Why you should care about the astrocomputer in 2018

Computer science is the latest science-fiction fad to have a major impact on how we think about computers.The trend has become so prevalent that many of the biggest companies in the world are moving to make use of this increasingly sophisticated and versatile technology.In the process, they are taking advantage of a new and powerful […]

Why a New Apple Computer Is a Great Idea

By John VennochiIn the mid-1990s, when Apple was still a teenager, Steve Jobs was a computer scientist who’d created the first digital version of the Apple II.Jobs and Steve Wozniak, the company’s founder and CEO, had created a machine that could program and program, and it was the first computer that could do that in […]

Why the Indian IT industry is getting bigger

SamTech has just announced the release of a new edition of its bestseller Computer Education, which is the bestseller in India for more than 10 years.SamTech is one of the world’s largest computer education brands and offers a wide range of products and services for learning and teaching.The company’s Computer Education has been translated into […]

When is the best time to start learning computer science?

When is a good time to learn computer science for a career?Is there a specific course or type of course that would suit you best?The answer depends on your background, your education, your job, and your career goals.The answer to these questions is really up to you.But, the most important thing to know about computer […]

A new karnas cryptocurrency: Karna cryptocurrency is based on Bitcoin and uses Bitcoin as the underlying protocol for transactions, it claims

Karna is a new cryptocurrency, designed by a group of computer science students in Bengaluru, India.The students claim the cryptocurrency is an open source implementation of Bitcoin and its blockchain technology.It is currently in beta testing and is being developed by a small team.The team behind the cryptocurrency says they intend to introduce Karna to […]

When you’re on the job, the job’s computer-generated

IT pros can now be in the position of being the only people on the planet who have access to a massive array of sophisticated computer systems that are designed and controlled by artificial intelligence (AI).This week the BBC’s Computerworld magazine ran an article on the new trend, called Computer-Grown Humans.¬†As a result, the BBC […]