How tech education in the United States is changing and the future of education

BYLINE: By MARY LEE JOHNSON, AP Technology writerThis story is part of AP’s Tech on the Frontline series, a series exploring the role of technology in changing and shaping the world.

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Tech education in America is changing.

Technology is reshaping education and how it is taught.

It’s a shift that’s happening in ways that have far-reaching impacts.

The stakes are high: As our schools prepare to offer new curricula, our children are being forced to compete with the best in the world in a new economy.

That’s what we’re witnessing with the launch of high-stakes standardized tests.

Yet while the tech revolution is reshuffling our schools, it’s also creating a new class of educators who can help prepare our kids for the jobs of the future.

And they are not shy about it.

For the past three decades, technology has become a part of the daily lives of millions of Americans.

And that’s only part of what makes technology so important.

For too long, the idea that we could take our children’s education online has been a myth.

That belief was rooted in the belief that we would never have to go online ourselves, so the idea of a digital version of the classroom was just too good to be true.

But today, with the rise of the Internet, it is possible for us to create digital learning environments for our children, and the technologies that we use to do that are increasingly available.

Technology has also changed the way we teach our kids.

And it’s changing the way that they learn.

It’s not just that the digital revolution is making the digital classroom more accessible.

It is changing how we teach children.

The digital revolution has changed the nature of learning by allowing us to bring students together with their peers.

We’ve also changed our education.

The digital revolution created the classroom.

Now we need to understand what that means for our students, our school systems and our nation.

Technology is reshaking education and changing the very nature of education.

But while technology is reshuffleng our education, it doesn’t have to be the same thing that’s reshuffled our entire culture.

It doesn’t need to be digital education.

Technology isn’t the same as digital education and it doesn´t have to play the same role in shaping our nation that it has in our history.

Technology and the new classThe idea that technology can be a transformative force in our education has been around for decades.

We can’t ignore the power of computers to change our lives.

The power of the internet to connect people in ways they couldn’t have imagined.

And the power to change how we think.

All these things have helped shape the way people think about education.

It isn’t just that we’ve been taught that technology is a magic elixir to transform our lives; we’ve also been taught to think differently about education and the role technology plays in it.

Today, that belief is starting to crumble.

We’re starting to see the impact of technology that was once thought to be magical.

The technologies we use today are just a small part of an enormous picture of changing the nature and the purpose of education, and it’s not clear that we can even start to grapple with it.

It isn’t hard to see how the tech world is changing the role that education plays in our lives and our education systems.

We have technology that lets us deliver information faster than ever before, but we also have a new generation of teachers and students who are embracing the Internet of Things.

And we’re starting with kids that aren’t necessarily tech savvy or tech savvy to teach them about the Internet and how to use it effectively.

The technology that’s making it easier to teach our children to think in a digital way is changing not only how our classrooms teach but also how we do things in our homes and around the world, including education in developing countries.

The new classIn the United Kingdom, for example, there’s a new kind of teacher in the classroom, one who uses technologies to bring people together in a way that’s more engaging, engaging and educational than what they could do in the past.

The new teacher is a teacher using the technology to bring her students together in the digital world.

This new teacher uses social media and mobile devices to bring kids together in classrooms, and in school.

She’s also looking at the digital age of education and thinking differently about the way she teaches and the way her students learn.

Inevitably, this new teacher gets a little nervous.

What do we do about the teachers that are creating the new technology?

Do we have to make changes to our curriculum?

She’s not alone.

Teachers and teachers-in-training are worried about what they’ll do when the new wave of technology makes it easier for them to deliver information in the new ways they see fit.

We already know that many of our schools are using technology to deliver more than just

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