Conservatives react to ‘fake news’ story

Conservatives are slamming the “fake news” claim that former Vice President Joe Biden fabricated a viral tweet saying he had received $25 million in federal stimulus money.

In a statement Friday, the Conservative Political Action Conference condemned “false and misleading statements about the Vice President’s role in the stimulus program and other financial assistance programs.”

The statement also criticized the “false claim” that Biden had been paid $25 Million for his time in the White House.

“In reality, Biden received $1.6 million in stimulus assistance, which he used to pay his rent, to help pay for his education at Harvard,” the statement reads.

“In fact, Biden earned $20,000 for the first three months of his presidency.

The Vice President did not receive any stimulus assistance from the White Senate for the three months after he left office.”

The CPP statement comes days after the Senate confirmed former Gov.

Bobby Jindal to serve as vice president, which is considered a presidential position.

The CPP said the president’s appointment of Jindal “has been characterized by some Republicans as an effort to fill the VP spot vacated by Joe Biden.”

The Republican National Committee said in a statement that the GOP will continue to oppose efforts to politicize the vice president’s office.

“It is clear that the Whitehouse and Biden have been attempting to create a partisan echo chamber in the press by claiming Biden fabricated his tweets to create false controversies, while simultaneously making false and misleading claims about the VP,” RNC spokesman Ryan Williams said.

“GOP members are proud to support our President’s efforts to reform the WhiteHouse and will continue fighting to ensure that the President’s leadership on these issues is fully recognized.”

The RNC said the CPP will continue its campaign to remove the “faux news” label from Biden’s record, which it calls a “flagrant violation of basic journalistic ethics.”

In the statement, the CPTCC said the organization will continue “to fight for the truth and the American people’s right to know about the facts behind the Vice Presidency.”

Follow Jeff on Twitter at: jeffwilson,jeff-wilkinson,politics,whitehouse,white house source The Associated Press title Trump accuses Biden of ‘fake’ tweets on stimulus funding claim article President Donald Trump accused Vice President Biden of lying during his Senate confirmation hearing, and the former vice president responded in a letter Thursday to Trump.

The letter said Biden’s “false assertion that he received $3 million in Federal stimulus assistance in 2015 was false, misleading and dangerous to the American taxpayer.”

The president wrote, in part, that he “firmly rejects” Biden’s assertion and that he has “full confidence” in his “excellent” performance as Vice President.

“I have also repeatedly and repeatedly called for a complete audit of the stimulus programs that the Vice Presidenter received $30,000,000 in stimulus funds,” Trump wrote.

“I have told Vice Presidencies to be transparent and transparently answer any questions and concerns they may have.

It is my sincere belief that the American taxpayers will be better off if we are transparent and open with the American public.”

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