Cisco is making its own smart home hub for its computers

Cisco Systems Inc. said Wednesday that it is adding smart home capabilities to its computer-based education division, expanding its smart home platform to include more than 100 home systems.

The move, which comes just days after Cisco released a new version of its Cisco Learning Platform, will add “the ability to manage and control all of the systems and devices that make up a home and create customized home environments,” the company said in a statement.

The new platform, dubbed Cisco Learning Hub, offers Cisco’s software for building “smart homes” and “home automation” applications.

Cisco will release the first version of the platform later this year.

It will include a cloud-based platform that supports a range of devices, from smart TVs to lightbulbs.

“Today, Cisco Learning Center, Cisco Home, and Cisco Learning Gateway have provided access to the software ecosystem and ecosystem features that will enable Cisco to provide a full suite of solutions and solutions services to meet the growing demand for smart home solutions,” Cisco said.

Cisco’s new platform will be available on a range to home platforms including Cisco Home Smart, Cisco Living, and Home Cloud.

The Cisco Learning Portal will be accessible on a wide range of home systems, including Cisco Living Smart, Nest Learning, and Hue Home.

Cisco said the new platform “will bring together the knowledge and expertise of Cisco’s leading engineers and designers with the community’s enthusiasm and enthusiasm for smart homes.”

Cisco is one of the largest providers of networking equipment to the home, as well as a supplier of networking products and services to other companies, like Dell, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, and Google.