Why are Australian schools spending so much money on IT?

Posted October 24, 2018 03:08:20 It’s not just teachers’ wages that are on the line in the coming school year.

The federal government is set to spend billions of dollars on computer technology to ensure every child has the best possible education.

Key points: The Federal Government will spend more than $1 billion over four years to upgrade Australia’s school IT systems to deliver better learning outcomes The Government has also promised $2.2 billion to support IT infrastructure and IT services for state and territory governments to help with the cost of digital educationThe federal government’s plan is designed to upgrade every school’s IT systems in 2018-19.

It’s expected to see an increase in the cost for schools to keep up with the new technology.

“As we move towards the coming year, we will be investing a significant amount of money to upgrade the digital education infrastructure of every school in Australia,” Education Minister Christopher Pyne said.

“We are investing $1.5 billion over the next four years on upgrading our digital education systems and we will continue to invest over the coming years to support schools in this important investment.”

Mr Pyne has previously promised to spend $5 billion to upgrade school IT infrastructure in 2018.

Key points:The Federal Government has pledged $2 billion over five years to invest in digital education for schools The Government will also invest $2bn over four more years to provide more support to states and territoriesThe Government has promised to invest $1bn over the following five years for digital education.

Schools across the country will also get a $2,000 grant over the four years, which will help pay for IT upgrades and services.

The Government says it will also support states and territory government IT departments to provide better digital education services.

“The government will continue investing in our digital infrastructure,” Mr Pyne told the ABC.

“This will include the introduction of a digital training service for state school principals.”‘

It’s a huge opportunity’Mr Pynder says the Federal Government’s plan will be a “huge opportunity” for the education sector.

“It’s also a great opportunity for the IT industry,” he said.”[Schools] are the future of the economy.

We are creating more jobs and better pay.”

There are huge opportunities for school to deliver a better digital experience, a better learning experience.”‘

There’s a big appetite’The Federal Minister has previously told the Business Council of Australia that the Government had a “very clear” plan for digital technology investment.”

I’m absolutely convinced we have a clear digital education plan,” he told the council in October.”

And we will see where the money goes and where the investments go.

“But the Federal Minister also says that this investment is needed to help ensure every Australian child gets the best education possible.”

To ensure every student gets the most effective and effective digital education experience,” he added.”

So we will invest in new technology and software and services to support students and schools in delivering the best digital experience for all children.


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