Australia to invest $1.1 billion into tech education in 2019

Posted September 27, 2019 06:33:59 The Government will spend up to $1 billion over the next four years to invest in a range of technology-related education initiatives in a bid to promote greater computer literacy among Australians, the Australian Financial Report has found.

In 2018-19, the Government committed to investing $1bn over the four-year period to help Australian students become computer literate.

The Government will also be investing $2.5 billion over four years into improving the quality of computer education, including the rollout of more digital training for teachers.

Key points:The Government is expected to spend about $1billion on a range in tech education initiatives over the coming yearsThe funding will be spent on computer education initiatives and training, including more digital instruction in schoolsThe funding could help schools develop more skills to help them become computer-literateThe funding would also include digital training in schools, including digital teaching and tutoring, which could help Australian children learn to use computers in the future.

“We will continue to work with the Australian Government to ensure these investments are delivered,” Education Minister Christopher Pyne said.

“As we get further into the 2020s, we will also continue to invest, particularly in areas where we can see the greatest benefits for our students and schools.”

Mr Pyne also said he would continue to promote the use of digital technology to boost teaching and learning.

“Education is key to the success of Australia’s digital economy,” he said.

“I want to make sure we continue to use digital technology for teaching and training.”

In fact, we have a number of digital technologies that will help us make education more efficient, more relevant and more effective.

“The Federal Government is currently spending $1,828.6 million on digital education and training in 2019-20.

More than $1 million is being spent on the rollout and rollout of the Government’s digital literacy curriculum for primary schools.

At the same time, a further $3.1 million has been allocated for digital training, which is being piloted in primary schools and has already seen more than 1,300 digital teachers join the programme.

Teachers are also training in digital literacy skills, including using smartphones and tablets to interact with their students.

The Government also announced a $1-million fund to fund the development of online courses in Australian languages and a $2-million digital literacy project in the Northern Territory.”

Our Government’s Digital Education Strategy is focused on providing an integrated, digital education framework for all levels of government, businesses and industry to make the digital economy work for Australians,” Mr Pyne added.”

I am very proud to see that the Government is investing in digital technology across our nation.

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