IBM, Dell and Amazon to offer Linux as an option in their cloud-based computing businesses

A new consortium of companies including IBM, Amazon, and Dell are working on creating a cloud computing platform that’s similar to the Linux kernel, but with a focus on cloud computing, security, and privacy.

The open source OpenStack Cloud is a cloud-as-a-service (BaaS) platform that allows developers to deploy their own software to the cloud.

The consortium’s work, which will be presented at the International Conference on Cloud Computing in London on Monday, is being led by IBM, which recently announced its plans to move all of its IT operations to the OpenStack cloud.

The OpenStack project has raised a lot of attention in the tech industry.

A number of cloud-focused companies, such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Google, have also committed to adopting the Openstack platform.

The first OpenStack-based cloud-wide product is being developed by the Cloud Alliance, an alliance of major cloud providers and startups.

Cloud Alliance President Andrew Lutke said in a statement that the project “provides a powerful and secure solution for cloud computing and enables developers to build and deploy new cloud computing solutions.”

The OpenCloud platform, which is being built for the cloud by Cloud Foundry, is designed to support “the cloud as a service (CaaS)” model.

That means developers will be able to build cloud applications and deploy them to their users in the cloud using the same technologies that developers typically use to build websites, applications, and services.

This approach, known as a hybrid cloud model, means that the OpenCloud cloud will be run as a public cloud rather than a private one, allowing developers to host their applications in the OpenSource OpenStack platform and have them hosted on the public Cloud Foundries.

The Cloud Alliance says that OpenCloud can “ensure a smooth transition to a cloud platform” by allowing developers and organizations to “focus on the cloud and the Open source project instead of the commercial cloud.”

Cloud Foundry’s CEO and cofounder Mark Meyers said in the statement that OpenStack will “provide a seamless platform for creating new and innovative cloud applications for the Internet of Things (IoT), which is rapidly growing in adoption and usage.”

“By leveraging the Cloud Foundrys platform, OpenStack can help secure and enable this rapid growth in the IoT, and also provide a scalable platform for developers and enterprises to build on top of this open source platform.”

OpenStack is the brainchild of OpenStack Foundation cofounder and co-founder Chris Langdon, who previously led the CloudFoundry project.

Langdon told Ars that he’s “extremely proud” of the Open Cloud platform.

“We’re creating a platform that is both open source and open for anyone to build,” he said.

“It’s not only open for the developers to try, but for anybody to adopt.”

OpenCloud is already being used in Microsoft Azure, and Microsoft plans to begin releasing its own OpenStack version of Azure on Thursday.

OpenStack Foundation President Mike Ozzie told Ars the Opencloud platform will also be built into Azure.

“OpenStack, like other open source projects, will be hosted on Azure and we expect that we’ll be able use the Cloudfoundry Cloud to deploy the OpenEngine project as well,” Ozzi said.

In addition to the Cloud Foundation and OpenStack, the OpenFoundry Cloud project has a number of partners, including Red Hat, Cisco, IBM, and Amazon.

In a blog post on Wednesday, Meyers wrote that “Microsoft has taken the next step in its long-term plan to embrace the open source software movement and open it to the community.”

Microsoft announced its own commitment to open source at the company’s Build conference in October.

Microsoft said at the time that the company “will open source the Azure infrastructure for the Cloud Platform for the first time in more than 15 years.”

Microsoft is expected to announce a more formal partnership for the OpenSesame Cloud at the IPC 2017 conference in July.

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