When the karnashas computer virus is on your system: How to protect yourself

In a recent article on The Register, we asked you to share what you have learned about computer viruses.

A total of 17,085,096 people responded, and we were delighted to hear that your stories were inspiring others to protect themselves.

One reader wrote: I am using the word “virus” loosely here.

The term virus is used loosely to describe a type of computer malware that is very hard to detect and/or remove from your system.

In most cases, the virus is hidden in files and in hidden files that are not visible to the user.

You may find the files hard to remove if you try.

This article will help you learn how to identify the virus in your system and remove it from your computer.

If you have found a virus, please share your story.

We have also collected some sample questions to help you identify the type of virus you are experiencing.

We are also keen to hear about your experiences with computer viruses and recommend that you try and get your system tested before you go online.

We would also like to hear from you about other ways you can protect yourself from viruses.

Please use the comments section below to share your experiences and questions about computer virus protection.

What are the types of viruses that cause computer problems?

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The information contained in this website is provided solely as a guide and should not be relied upon for any purpose.

Do you have a question about a virus or virus-related issue?

Email the Register, and if we can help, we will address your question.

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