What do you need to know about the new computer science degree from the Italian football academy?

Italia’s second professional club, FC Torino, is preparing to embark on a five-year programme that will take place in 2018.

The first year will see the club’s first-team academy, which includes the likes of Giorgio Chiellini, Marco Verratti, Leonardo Bonucci and Gianluigi Donnarumma, open up to a wider pool of players.

It will also see the opening of the club academy to a smaller group of players and the formation of an academy-based academy.

With the academy open to a broader group of potential recruits, the academy is looking for new staff to work with and develop its skillset.

It’s understood that, in the first year, the club will also provide coaching, education and technical support to the players.

This year, however, the school will focus on its main objective of developing technical and academic skills.

“We are very excited about our new academy and we are ready to give everything we have to help our players achieve their dreams,” said Giuseppe Pascale, president of Torino.

“I hope our players will enjoy the new experience of working in the academy.

The aim is to give them a better understanding of their role and the opportunities that lie ahead.”

Torino will start in March 2018 with a group of 10 players, including former Italy internationals Giuseppi Imbula, Matteo Rinaldo and Marco Pappalardo, who are currently on trial with the club.

The club’s youth academy will have a full complement of over 100 players.

They are set to be coached by former Torino assistant coach Carlo Fonte and will work under the guidance of former Juventus and Inter Milan star Alessandro Del Piero.

The academy’s first coach is currently working under the tutelage of former AC Milan coach Gianluca Di Marzio.

Torino has already been granted provisional permission to use the academy’s facilities to develop its technical staff.

The new academy has been opened to a small group of current and future Torino players and is set to open to another small group in the second year.

“The goal of the academy has always been to provide young people with a better education and we see that this is the best way to achieve this,” Pascales said.

“With our academy, we will continue to provide players with the opportunity to develop their skills in the future.”

This will allow our club to become a more attractive destination for players from the young age of 10 to 20.

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