How to use ctti to create your own online courses

A new course by ctti is the brainchild of a group of computer science students.

The course, titled Computer Education, uses artificial intelligence to create an online course for computer science majors that uses interactive coding, data analysis, and video lectures to teach basic computer science concepts.

The program, which is currently in its beta phase, is free to anyone with a credit card.

“We are not just creating a course to give a computer science major an education,” cofounder, Matthew Gueldner, told The Next Internet.

“Instead, we want to give computer science people an education that they will be able to leverage in the real world.”

Guedner is the author of the course, and cofounder of, which launched in 2014.

The startup also has an app that allows users to create a computer education course from scratch.

A video demo of the new course can be viewed below.

In the video, students learn about a set of problems and solve them with the help of video lectures and interactive coding.

“A lot of the stuff we talk about in the course is just how to get started with AI [artificial intelligence] and artificial intelligence for general purpose applications,” Gueedner told TheNextWeb.

“The real value in the video is that we’re actually using the video lectures for the actual coding and teaching.”

The video tutorial includes video lectures by Gueeda, a lecturer who has worked at Google, Microsoft, and Google+ as well as at Cornell University.

“I’ve been teaching video lectures, but I’ve never worked on something like this,” he said.

“It’s going to change the way we teach.”

Students can create a course from a few simple HTML files that they upload to the course creator.

Each HTML file includes a title, a description, a video, and a link to the source code.

Once uploaded, the source codes can be used in the code to make the course.

The final project is uploaded to the ctti website, and students can review the course by clicking on the “Edit” button.

Students also receive feedback on their course, as well.

Students can make corrections, and the course can receive feedback from the instructor.

“This is kind of like a class you’d get at a university or something,” Geeedner said.

He said the course was a natural fit for his team’s focus on teaching computer science.

“If you want to teach computer science to your students, this is a really good way to do that,” he added.

The first beta version of the cti course was created in June, and Gueidner says it is now ready for public use.

The students who created the course have also created a website for the course and are planning to expand the site with more information.

Gueiedner said that in the future, he plans to work on a way to integrate ctti into courses offered by other companies and institutions, like MIT, Stanford, and other institutions.

The cti team is currently working on a second beta version, and hopes to launch that version in the coming weeks.

“As a software company, cti is going to have to evolve from being a web platform to become a platform that can be integrated into course offerings,” Gebner said in a statement.

“At this point, we are in a very interesting phase where the software and services can complement the curriculum.”

Geeeds software will be integrated with the cttl website, as will his team.

The software is open source, so students can build their own apps.

Geeldner said he wants to make ctti as accessible as possible to all kinds of people.

“Our goal is to get as much value as possible from the software, but there’s also a great deal of value that comes from the courses themselves,” he told Thenextweb.

“Cti can be a great tool for a lot of different types of students.”

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